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Need employee discount card number - MyWalmart Help

If by needing discount card number, you mean you want to get a Walmart discount card then please read the below information very carefully.
If you are a newly-hired Walmart associates then you don’t need to register for a discount card as you and your legal spouse are by default entitled for an associate discount card on the 91st day of continuous employment. It means that the discount Card will automatically be ordered for you and your spouse and mailed to you on your home address. You just need to make sure that you have given your current home mailing address to your HR/personnel representative. You may experience a delay in receiving your discount card if you have not provided them the correct address. If you are single then you will only get a discount card for yourself but you can order one for your spouse once you get married by using the Online Discount Card Application located on the WIRE. You need to cancel the card using the Online Discount Card Application located on the WIRE if you get divorce, as your ex-spouse is not eligible for any discounts.

You are solely responsible for the correct use of your discount card whether it is by you, your spouse, or your legal dependents as we have discussed above. Make sure you do not give your card to anyone who is not entitled to get the discount benefits. You should never make use of the discount card of any other associate. Never shop for others to get the discount for them. Do not purchase items with your discount card for use in a business, or for the purpose of resale. If you find your discount card lost or stolen then you should cancel your card on immediate basis to avoid any unauthorized use. You can order a replacement card by using the Online Discount Card Application located on the WIRE.

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