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Can I do this on Walmartone.com login or will I have to login to the WIRE?

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I need to change my federal withholding amount. - MyWalmart Help

You need to fill out a Form W-4 which is basically a tax form that you fill out and submit to your employer not the IRS, for federal tax withholding so that your employer can withhold the correct federal income tax from your pay. This form need to be completed and submitted every time when there is a change in your personal or financial situation. It could be due to your marriage, separation, divorce, or when you are buying a house or having children, when u lose a dependent or having more than one job, when you receive a pay raise or win a lottery (or another large financial gain), you owe too much in taxes or getting a refund that is too large. The information you provide on Form W-4 information will help calculate your net paycheck or how much money you will keep every pay period, after taxes are withheld. You could also get a tax refund if you end up paying more taxes than you owe each year.

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