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how does walmart card work? i got it couple of days back and have no idea how it works.

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How does Walmart money card works? - MyWalmart Help

The Walmart MoneyCard works both like a credit and debit card but obviously you can always control the limit of the card. It’s basically a prepaid debit card which can be used at any outlet where Visa debit card is acceptable for shopping purpose or to buy anything they want. You can always top up the card if you find the cash balance low. Since plastic money is always more convenient and safer option than the cash so you can use it wherever you want. Best part is even minor (who is not 18 years old yet) can use this card as well. Parents can transfer the pocket money of their child in that card and can always keep a check on their child’s spending and teach them how to spend responsibly. You can always get a replacement card, if your card gets lost or stolen by mistake.

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