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i have walmart discount card, just wanted to know how can i use it on walmartone website?

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How can I use Walmart discount card on Walmart website? - MyWalmart Help

Walmart gives his employees an Associate Discount Card as part of their benefit package through which they can get 10% discount on goods and fresh products. This discount is not applicable on items which are already on sale or already on discount. This card can be used for online shopping and on any Walmart store around the world. You can also use it on Walmart website. Process is very simple, just go to the Walmart website and search Walmart Associates page of the website. For this, just go to the top of the website to find the “search” box just enter “Associate” and then click the search button to find this page of the website. Once done, enter your basic information to log into the website as associate. This information includes your Associate ID Number (which is basically your Social Security Number) and your Associate Card Number in the given space. After logging into the website as associate you can shop as much as you want and get 10% discount on the items fall under the above mentioned criteria.

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