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I need my schedule so I can plan other things I need to do

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where's my scedule - MyWalmart Help

Visit the walmart website http://www.walmartone.com and access you account by entering your login information. If you haven’t created your walmart account as yet then you can easily do so by clicking the sign up option on the website. Follow the instruction and provide them with all the details required to create the account. Enter your login information to access your account. Once you are done with the registration part, click that option “your schedule”. Now the important question is where can I find this option on the website. It is very easy, on the right hand side you will see today’s date, right under this date there is a link “your schedule”. You just need to click this option to check your schedule for that date. You can see your full schedule through this link as well. You can also access this information through wire but you can’t access the wire from home as you can only log onto the it while you are on the clock which requires you to be at work.

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