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how do I access my payroll info on line? - MyWalmart Help

You can easily get your payroll information online if you have already registered with WalmartOne website. If not then get yourself registered first to get the access of your payroll information online. Process is very simple, go to the WalmartOne website i.e. http://www.walmartone.com and click the link “login” showing on the top right corner of the website. Click the clickable link “register” showing on the login page. In the next step you will be asked to provide your Walmart identification number (WIN), date of birth, your hiring date and your email address. Make sure you provide the valid email address as it will be used to edit/reset your Walmart account information in future. You will also have to fill a captcha showing on the same page. Date you got hired can be taken from your HR department. You will also be required to select 5 security questions which act as a security layer to your account. These question can be like name of your first teacher, your first pet name etc. Provide answer to these questions and click continue to go to the next step. Set user ID and password for your account. Password should be 8 characters long with alpha numeric characters in it. Accept the “terms and conditions” tab to create your account. Once all done, sign in to your account using the same password and ID which you used to create the account. Now click the tab “My Money” showing on the page and click “Payroll” from the drop down menu. You can then select the date of the check that you want to view. If you want, you can view or download your pay stub.

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