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trying to get schedule and other benefits just dont know why walmart doesnt help anybody that is trying to get halp

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i have changed to a new pc cant log in on old user or password how to get new ones dont remember long time ago - MyWalmart Help

Why don’t you reset your accojnt information i.e. user name or password? Its very easy. Go to the walmart website i.e. http://www.walmartone.com. Click the login button, here you will see a click able link “forgot user name or password” below the user name and password boxes. Clicking the link will take you to another window where you will be asked to provide your email address in a box. Enter your email address in that box. An automated message will be sent into your account. Check your inbox for the email and follow the instructions given in the email. Through this process you can easily reset your account information and log into your walmart account to access your schedule or other benefits.

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