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Can't login at all. When I press forgot username,it tells me my email isn't a registered email

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I need to reset my whole account. How do I - MyWalmart Help

The best option would be to close this account and re-register with a new user name and password and email address. Registration process is very easy. Just go to walamrt websire and click the sign up option. Enter your email address (new one) and create user name and password for that account. Enter your basic infromation like your full name, address, your DOB, SSN, joining date, etc and answer some of the security realted questions. Follow all the steps to complete the registration process to create a new walmart account. In case of any further issue call 0800-4211362.

I cant get my password reset. Can you give me a phone number so I can have someone reset it for me?

Call 0800-4211362 for further help.

how do i reset my user id and password for the associate login to my walmart

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