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i want to check my walmart paystub online. Do i need to create an account? please tell me how can i do that....thnx micheal

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can i check my walmart paystub online? - MyWalmart Help

You can surely view your paystub online by logging into your account. Enter your User ID and password, choose “My Money” from the menu on the top and click “Payroll”. You can then select the date of the check that you want to view. If you want, you can view or download your pay stub too.
If you don’t have an account here is the process to create one. Get on the associate website of Walmart i.e. walmartbenefits.com, click on to the Register which is just below the sign up option. You will be asked to enter your date of birth, the date you have been hired as well as the Social Security Number in the right fields. The date you have been hired could be taken from the Walmart store human resource department where you are working. Once done, you can now ‘Continue’. You also need to provide your valid email address. You will be required to take five questions that generally act as a security layer to your account. e.g. name of your first pet- aspects of which only you could possibly know. You will also be asked to answer all these questions in order to verify your identity. You should now place your desired user ID as well as the password. The user ID needs to be at least six characters long, with a minimum of two numbers within the password. Check the box for you to agree to the “Terms and Conditions”. Once done, you need to visit your email and confirm your account. Hope it will resolve your problem.

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i need copy of my 2014 W2 which i never received who can i contact

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