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when logging on "mywalmart.com" my user id and my password is not recognized!! for 3 days now!!! what is going on.

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cannot get walmart to recognize my user id and password - MyWalmart Help

This usually happens when you enter incorrect username or password in the given fields. This first thing would be to reconfirm your account information. If you have forgotten your password or user id then you can reset this information by going through the below link.http://www.mywalmarthelp.com/account-issue/help-i-cant-remember-my-user-id-or-password-794

Having the same problem. I keep trying different passwords & usernames but it doesn\\\’t work so I get locked out. I change my passwords & try again but it doesn\\\’t work so I get locked out. Every little thing about this site is broken. Never have I seen a site even remotely near as useless.

It\\\’s all made worse by the fact that I\\\’ve sent two applications & the site says they went through but the store staff says they didn\\\’t so I\\\’m pretty sure this all pointless & Wal-Mart keeps sending me texts telling me my account is about to expire but I can\\\’t do anything about it.

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